We have built a platform that enables you with “Your Own Store Online” at a cost that is less than a Rupee.

There are multiple platforms today, but all of them require either technical knowledge or take away a portion of your earnings.

Even with this, you may not get all features of e-commerce, but you still need to make an upfront investment.

We identified this gap and introduced “Yoso” which stands for “Your Own Store Online”.

a.    It comes with all features of our Platform to all users

b.    Zero upfront investment to start your store

c.     Pay less than a rupee and that too only for each active product you keep on the platform and not %age of revenue. This means if you have one product and made Rs 10000 from it, you just paid less than a rupee from your pocket.

d.    Leave technical issues to us, we are there to take care of them.

We are bringing an e-commerce store for every nook and corner for “Entrepreneurs of India” with a product “Made in India”.

We can be reached at info@yoso.co.in or +91-8368045461